Posts from March 2008.

#amsat net on AO-51

With the 2nd repeater on AO-51 active, a repeater that is vastly underutilized I might add, a bunch of us in #amsat tried to all get on the 2nd repeater during one of the middle US passes.

We had moderate success, with KB2HSH, N3CRT, and KI4BKE getting on. Plus, we had Drew, KO4MA come on. Plus, with us using the 2nd repeater, we could actually talk! Amazing!

  • Mar 24th, 20:15EDT AO-51 pass (MP3, 10:28, 4.2MB)

Courteous AO-51 Operation

I’ve typed up a fairly simple “do’s and don’ts” guide to working AO-51. The guide focuses more on etiquette and operational guidelines rather then technical ideas, because there are already some excellent guides out there for the new user to read up on. That, and my technical setup leaves much to be desired.

This was more or less concieved one night in #amsat while discussing the operational issues on AO-51. The satellite is a very good, very easy satellite to get into, however, the more people jam on, the harder it is for people to use it. So, myself, John (KB2HSH), Charles (N3CRT), and Mark (KF6KYI) all tossed around ideas on what is more a less a good “code of conduct” for AO-51 operation.

  • The Courteous Ham’s Guide to AO-51 PDF (35K)
  • The Courteous Ham’s Guide to AO-51 DOC (38K)

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SOURCE Boston here I come

As previously mentioned, I’ll be going to SOURCE Boston tommorow. I’ll be attempting to the conference on my somewhat shiny and new Twitter Feed. Per haps I may even, *gulp* “live blog” (Ugh. I feel dirty for saying that).

Truth be told, I’m not 100% sure what to expect. Most of my previous “security” conferences have been either DEFCON or HOPE, which I assume will be slightly more “low brow” then SOURCE. For example, I’m not expecting SOURCE to have A room full of hammocks you can crash on. But, from what I can gather, and from what the schedule says, it will be a pretty good time. It looks like it’s going to be a good mix of business types and security geeks, and it’s approaching the idea with the right attitude (Pub crawl anyone?). Another plus, any conference where I don’t expect the conference attendees to smell like week-old BO == Win. (Hooray!)

I’ll be staying mostly on the Security Technology track, with possibly heading over to the Application Security track if something over there catches my interest. I’ll be attending the pre-conference gathering tonight, along with the reception tomorrow night and the pub crawl on Thursday. If anyone of the four of you who read this want to meet up, IM, text, tweet, comment, or poke me at the conference.

Some more passes

Two more satellite passes from Saturday. The 5:52 pass was very nice, as I chatted with VA4SF/HI, who was on the sunny shores of the Dominican Republic, which was my first Caribbean QSO.

  • Mar 1st, 17:52EST AO-51 pass (MP3, 8:02, 4.2MB)
  • Mar 1st, 19:30EST AO-51 pass (MP3, 6:30, 3.8MB)