2014 Technology Goals

So, @kylemaxwell posted his 2014 Tech Goals on Twitter the other day and it was a refreshing change from the seemingly endless noise of “2014 prediction” articles that every company and their brother seem to post as the year changes. It was different, and it was a good idea. So, like every good idea I see, I’ve decided to rip it off. When I started thinking about it, I came up with a few goals for 2014:

  1. Finish my ever lengthening list of half baked projects – I like to code things. I enjoy making tools that someone might find useful. However, I have a habit of getting the tools 75%-80% done, declaring it “good enough” and letting it sit there gathering dust. I have approximately three interesting tools that are currently sitting in this state and I need to sit down and finish them.
  2. Examine and update all my existing tools – I also have a problem in which once I send something out the door, it no longer gets worked on, so another goal this year is to go through all my existing projects and tools, examine them, and either update them or retire them.
  3. Work on some hardware projects – I always want to seem to do this but I never have the wherewithal to do this. I hope that actually putting this out in public will motivate me to do so. I’ve recently been enamored with all the fun “home automation” tools out there but shy away from them due to the idea of having my house be controlled from da cloud. Some projects have been rattling around in my head to replicate some of the features I think are cool without the pesky security and privacy concerns.
  4. Become active in Ham Radio again – In early 2012, I got fed up with some of the cliques in the local hobby groups and simultaneously lost my ability to have a radio in my car (where most of my operating was done). I’ve been recently started getting the itch to get back in the hobby and I need to scratch it.
  5. Write more articles – This site has been inactive for years. I want to try to get an article written, either here or on Mayhemic Labs, every other week. (This one counts as #1!)

My boss at work always reminds me to set some “stretch goals”, which are nearly impossible to achieve, sooooo…

  1. Develop more “outside of the box” ideas for Blue Teaming/CND - I really enjoyed writing my SANS paper and this seems to be a topic garnishing more and more interest, so I think working on this is a laudable goal.
  2. Break out of the “Infosec Echo Chamber” – I often try to “put my money where my mouth is” when I say I want things to change. Unfortunately, like a lot of introverts, I enjoy staying behind my keyboard and arguing about things on Twitter. I want to start engaging non-security people about security issues.
  3. Become more engaged in InfoSec meatspace activities – I left the Boston area in 2011 and I’m now local to Providence. This unfortunately cut off my access to MassHackers and BeanSec. I need to locate and become more active in the local Providence Technology and InfoSec activities.

Here we go…


  1. I enjoyed reading your SANS paper, Ben. Keep up the great work in 2014.


  2. You’re boss sounds like a real douche.