Where the hell have I been?

Been quiet over here recently, but I’ve been busy in other areas, so let’s do a quick update of what the hell has been going on:

First off, QuahogCon was a blast. My presentation went rather well, despite some technical difficulties with the lack of Internet access and the fact that I was not able to raise the local IRLP repeater from inside the building. I’ve started tweaking it a bit and submitted an abstract to The Next HOPE‘s CFP.

You can download the QuahogCon version of the slide deck here:

  • Why you should be an Amateur PPT (8.0MB)
  • Why you should be an Amateur PDF (7.0MB)

Also, available over at QuahogCon’s site is the audio of the presentation.

Next, over the past month, I re-launched Mayhemic Labs a group of very talented folks. We have started doing a few projects, the coolest one (in my not so humble opinion) is ICanStalkU, a site that rips through public photo sites looking for latitude and longitude EXIF tags. You can read more about the project at the site’s how and why pages.

So, despite the lack of activity on here, I have been keeping busy. Of course, I am always mumbling to myself on Twitter.