AO-51 SSTV Captures

AO-51 is in a bit of a special mode these past couple of days. Instead of Voice, they’re encouraging people to do SSTV over the satellite. This was originally done back in October to prepare for Richard Garriott sending SSTV from the ISS, but it proved popular enough for the AO-51 command team to add it to their schedule for the month of November. This evening I monitored the passes and was rewarded with some great photos:

These were on the 1709EST Pass:

The 1848 pass was a little more crowded with a couple of dead carriers and people accidentally keying over each other. But, I was rewarded with two “DX” stations and I was able to grab some photos once things settled down:

I am absolutely BUMMED that I couldn’t contact VA7VW by voice. By my calculations, he was 2351 miles away from my QTH. That would have broke my existing “longest contact via satellite” record which was to K7WIN in Arizona, a distance of 2268 mies.

I am also disappointed that I was only able to monitor the fun. I do not have the correct adapter to transmit SSTV from my FT-60, so I am relegated to RX only. Perhaps if I sit down and experiment with some adapters, I will be able to jury rig a cable, but I’m thinking it’s more of an experiment for the next time the command team puts the satellite in this mode. I’m hoping I see it on the December schedule.

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  1. Thanks for posting the picture. It’s always interesting to see what makes it through. Send me an email if you want to schedule a voice contact on the satellites. 73 Ron